REALize Health

What is REALize Health?


Crafted by experienced health psychologists and health coaches with decades of real life weight loss and behavior change experience, REALize Health is the single virtual platform where you will discover your path towards sustainable change. You can learn from on-demand courses, get support from live, small group coaching, strategize with the RH creators in drop-in office-hours, and/or join an online support community so you can finally stop saying:

"I know what to do, but I just don't do it." 


Knowing what to do is only part of the solution. 

Of course your eating and exercise habits matter. But they alone are not the answer. Your personal combination of genetics, psychology, life stressors, resiliency capacity, environmental contributors, knowledge and experience all matter. We can't change your genetics or your past, but we can help you move beyond simply knowing what to do so you can make lasting change. Using the tools of psychology, you will discover why you don't stick to new habits, learn what works to create a system for healthy living that you can sustain and then REALize how to apply the knowledge in your own life.


Our brain, body and behavior approach is woven into each on-demand course, each live support group, and in every live teaching.


The B3 method is doable, science-informed, and crafted with expertise built from decades of experience. 


REtrain your brain's self-talk to create a new mindset that will nurture change rather than self-sabotage.



REconnect your mind and body instead of ignoring or avoiding what your body is telling you.


REjuvenate your motivation by finding your why, so you actually do the things you want to do to be healthy.


Kelly Donahue, Ph.D. 


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Robyn Pashby, Ph.D.


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