The world is changing.


And so are we.

We're hard at work creating programs you can use to REALize your goals of sustainable weight management. After decades of teaching this information in one-on-one sessions and small groups, we are excited to share these science-informed, practical tools with you.

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REALize Health is different.

At REALize Health, we understand that there is a middle ground between dieting and giving up. We know that you can BOTH want to change AND want to accept yourself as you currently are. 
 As health psychologists, we help have spent decades helping people REALize that the path to total health starts upstream of outcomes you want.
We teach you to use psychological principles to define the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of making sustainable change. And, we give you the action plans and actual tools you need to make your changes stick without the struggle.
With expertise.
With support.
With empathy.
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