I'm done using food to cope.



Sick of being tired?

Done with having low energy, irritability, and feeling blah?

Ready to wake up with the energy you need to make healthy choices to help you on your weight journey?


It isn't just about calories in and calories out. Your body must rest and reset with proper sleep if you want it to change.

It's time for you to get real quality sleep to improve the quality of your life including having the energy to focus on your weight and health.

Here's what is included...

  • All the tools that we use with our own clients (worksheets, cheat sheets, diagrams, videos, and more)
  • ​Expert-led video instruction on how to use every single one of these tools so you aren't left to figure it out on your own
  • ​​Research-backed cognitive-behavioral techniques to change your mindset so your brain and body can work together to help you with better sleep 

We teach you all the tools you need with our expert Brain-Body-Behavior approach.


Apply the psychology of motivation to your sleep as you learn how your thoughts and beliefs (like "does sleep really matter for losing weight?") may be getting in the way of your sound sleep, and your health and weight. You deserve more than a sleep hygiene list from your doctor.


We incorporate information on foods you can incorporate to help with your sleep and teach you which foods might be sabotaging your rest. And, we include two audio meditations for you to try as you practice letting your body learn how to find a state of relaxation. 


You'll be given the science-based tools and an action plan you need to make behavior changes starting on DAY ONE. The tools are taught to you in small, doable steps that you can realistically apply to your own life so you can start sleeping soundly tonight. 

Steve B.

"Each lesson was like a spoon full of medicine. After the first night, I woke up feeling more refreshed. It really actually helped!"

Brain-Body-Behavior Guide to Better Sleep 

We've helped hundreds of people learn to get restorative sleep as a part of their journey to losing weight. Now it's your turn. 

It's time for a real change.

It's time to take care of you. 

Invest in a solution. Invest in yourself.

Only $39.

Satisfaction guaranteed or 100% money back for the first 30 days no questions asked.

I'm sick and tired of being tired. I'm ready to feel rested.

About Your Instructor

Dr. Robyn Pashby

I'm a clinical health psychologist and health coach. I'm also a working mom, business owner and busy human. I get the late night temptation to send one more email, watch one more show, or just have a moment alone. But I also get how much sleep matters for health and good quality of life and I am so happy to share the brain-body-behavior tools that I use and teach in this course. You can do this. Let's get started.